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Safeguarding Agreements, Contracts and Risk Management Plans

Safeguarding Agreements, Contracts and Risk Management Plans.

Being able to worship is an important support for many people, especially those who have offended and those who may pose a risk to others. However, current safeguarding agreements do not make effective provisions for safeguarding others during the current ways of working. You can support by:

  • Risk assessing any new activities including online and virtual forums to mitigate against new risks.
  • Revisit any agreements, contracts or plans with the individual involved to discuss amendments as soon as possible.
  • Where restrictions may be required, remain vigilant when using online group meetings to ensure that individuals who should not be participating are not present.
  • Consider how to continue to offer spiritual support safely.

Please ensure that you are considering any possible risks associated with conducting ministry and any activities online, especially in relation to those subject to safeguarding contracts. Always ensure you consult your Synod Safeguarding Officer in relation to establishing and reviewing safeguarding contracts.

Thirtyone:eight has publicised a free 15 min webinar covering Crisis planning, reviewing pastoral care arrangements, accountability and record keeping, impact of self-isolation, offering practical support, use of online platforms, looking after your team.

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