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Additional Safeguarding Downloads

The United Reformed Church Safeguarding policies and forms can be downloaded here.

P1: Template for local church safeguarding policy (PDF | 266kb) (Word | 66kb)

P2: Template safeguarding policy statements for local churches (PDF | 232kb) (Word | 40kb)

P5: Local church safeguarding checklist (PDF | 172kb) (Word | 35kb)

F1: Safeguarding concern form (PDF | 286kb) (Word | 45kb

SA1: Risk assessment template (with guidance) (PDF | 269kb) (Word | 62kb)

S3: Roles which require a DBS/Disclosure Scotland check within URC (PDF | 177kb) (Word | 41kb)

F3: Church Safeguarding Coordinator Declaration Form (CSC7) (PDF | 106kb) (Word | 37kb)

G5: Guidance on responding to allegations of bullying and harassment (PDF | 352kb) (Word | 59kb)

A safeguarding poster containing useful information for the backs of toilet doors is now available for all churches.

Feel safe poster .pdf file | 996 KB

Activities in Private Dwellings

There is lots to consider when undertaking church related activities at a home or private dwelling. It has been normal practice in many churches for some organised church activities to take place in private dwellings (the homes of church people). This guidance is to remind churches of the risks to be aware of and take into account, for the safety of the people who live in the dwelling and for those visiting. Although a manse is normally considered a place of work, for the purposes of this guidance and to ensure good practice, it shall be considered a dwelling.

Private dwellings can raise particular issues in relation to safeguarding: for example the presence of bedrooms and bathrooms; the potential for individuals to use private spaces within the venue unobserved; and the presence of other people not part of the activity. The recent Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) report Child Protection in Religious Organisations and Settings September 2021 report highlighted these issues.

More info:

URC’s Safeguarding Symposium

On 12th October 2023 the URC’s safeguarding team launched Good Practice 6 at an online symposium.

The event also highlighted the issues of unconscious bias and how prejudice can impact Safeguarding. Leroy Logan MBE joined us for an insightful discussion into this topic.

Watch the replay here:

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