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Honour-based Abuse

Advice to follow in the event of honour-based abuse.

Honour based abuse is a broad umbrella term used to describe a combination of practices used principally to control and punish the behaviour of a member of a family or social group, in order to protect perceived cultural and religious beliefs in the name of ‘honour’. Although predominantly associated with women and girls, male members of a family can also be victims. Violence and abuse may occur when it is felt that an individual’s behaviour has broken the ‘honour code’, bringing disgrace to their family or social group. Perpetrators will feel that they need to restore their loss of face and standing within their community. There is often an element of approval and social acceptance from other family members and the community.

HBA Crime types can include:

  • Murder
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Disfigurement (Acid attacks/burning)
  • Physical assaults
  • Neglect/Cruelty
  • Enslavement (Modern Slavery)
  • Kidnap and False imprisonment
  • Destruction/damage of property
  • Harassment and stalking
  • Sending malicious communications
  • Threats and abuse

If someone is experiencing abuse from their family or community because their ‘honour’ has been compromised, or if they are trying to force someone into marriage, you can get help. Always seek support from your Church Safeguarding Officer or Synod Safeguarding Officer.

Support Services:

The Halo project

A national project that supports victims of honour-based violence, forced marriages and FGM by providing advice and support to victims.

Freedom Charity

Bringing awareness, help and support to victims of forced marriage, honour-based violence and female genital mutilation (FGM).

Karma Nirvana runs the national honour-based abuse helpline:

Telephone: 0800 5999 247 Email: [email protected]

For practical support around click here working from home and domestic abuse

The SCIE has developed this practical guide for recognising and responding to domestic violence and abuse here.

For further information relating to child protection and safeguarding, please see the NSPCC website.

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