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Families on Faith Adventures

Find out here about our new children's programme.

There are plenty of resources on the internet to support faith at home, but we wanted to provide something specifically URC in nature.

The national Children's and Youth Work team have worked together to produce Families on Faith Adventures @ Home , drawing on the materials from Pilots and Friends on Faith Adventures (FOFA) as a starting point. These materials are a 'pick and mix' selection of activities and prayers and challenges based around a different Bible reading each week.

No matter what your family make-up, hopefully you will find something useful to you amongst the suggestions here.

Week 2 Listening To God .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 3 You Are Not Lost .pdf file | 1 MB

Week 4 Be The Star You Are .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 8 Pentecost Power .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 9 70 x 7 Forgiveness .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 10 Chosen Pt1 .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 11 Chosen Pt2 .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 14 Whatever Next .pdf file | 3 MB

Week 16 Work In Progress .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 17 Be Look Listen Do .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 19 Wise Words .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 30 God Is .pdf file | 2 MB

Week 31 Abigail Peacemaker .pdf file | 2 MB

Families on Faith Adventures

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