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Grant Applications

Thinking of filling in a Synod Grant Application form for a mission or discipleship project? Would it be helpful to have some support with that process? Then get in touch with the Synod Discipleship Committee.

All grant applications with a discipleship or mission content come to the Synod Discipleship Committee (SDC) for support before going to the Synod Resources Committee for approval.  The SDC have been finding that they often have to go back to the applicant church because of missing or ambiguous information. This inevitably causes delays and may result in much extra work for both the church and the SDC.

To try to preempt this problem, we would encourage churches to contact SDC at the stage when they have formulated their project and are ready to fill in the application form. If at all possible, SDC will assign someone to support you in making the application. Unfortunately though, SDC is a finite resource and we cannot guarantee to have someone available.

I am aware that there are people in churches in the Synod who have successfully been through the process of applying and receiving Synod funding for their projects. You therefore have experience! Perhaps, as a thanks offering for the financial support you have received, you would be willing to be part of a panel of 'experts' that SDC can call on for this new proactive way of approaching grant applications. If so, then please do get in touch.

Either to seek support in making a grant application, or to offer your experience to others, please get in touch with Mark Meatcher (contact details are in the Synod Year Book).

Thames North Synod Discipleship Committee

You can find application forms here:

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