Who We Are

Who's who at URC Thames North Synod?

Synod Officers

Officers are empowered to act in legal matters on behalf of the Synod. The day-to-day work of the Synod is undertaken by this team of officers and staff.

Revd Dr Andrew Prasad

Simon Fairnington
Synod Clerk

Tony Obi-Ezepaku

Mike Gould
Assistant Treasurer

Office Manager

Paul Corney

Colleen Fraser
PA to the Moderator & Synod Clerk

Programme Staff

Staff who work for the Synod out in the field.

Revd Anne Sardeson
Training Officer

Simon Rudiger
Children’s & Youth Development Officer

Revd David Skipp
Property Development Officer

Fredwyn Hosier
Pastoral Consultant

Office Staff

Office based employees of the Synod.

Tony Ishiekwene

Revd Ros Lyle

URC Thames North Trust

The Trust Company handle legal matters regarding the Synods, churches and manses.

Keith Berry
Trust Secretary

Memuna Levan-Harris 

Legal and Trust Officer

Vacant Position
Trust Officer

Other Appointments – Synod Roles

Mary Stacey
Accompanied Self-Appraisal / Reviews Coordinator

Jill Jenkins
Candidates’ Secretary

Liz Boyes
Children’s Work Secretary

Revd David Skipp
Disability Coordinator

Revd Jane Weedon
Area Ecumenical Officer (Hertfordshire)

Revd Keith Brown
Area Ecumenical Officer (Bedfordshire)

Reanne Morris
FURY Representative

Dr Paul Ashitey
Lay Preaching Coordinator

John Payne
Listed Buildings Committee Secretary

Revd Derek Lindfield
Manager, Children & Youth Development Officer (CYDO)

Dr Penny Trafford
Medical Referee

Sandra Ackroyd
Racial Justice Advocate (Coordinator)

Joan Young
Racial Justice Advocate (Coordinator)

Soo Webster
Regional Pilots’ Officer

Andrew Jack
Returning Officer

Revd Viv Randles
Silences and Retreats Link Person

Marion McNeill
Synod Minutes Secretary

Revd Francis Ackroyd
TLS Regional Organiser

The Revd Dr Tony Haws
Works Consultant, Training Officer

Heather Pugsley
Youth Secretary

Appointment to National United Reformed Church Roles

Revd Dr Andrew Prasad
Mission Council Representative

Simon Fairnington
Mission Council Representative

Revd Edward Sanniez
Mission Council Representative

Revd Naison Hove
Mission Committee Representative

Simon Fairnington
Nominations Committee