About Thames North Synod

The Synod consists of 136 local churches and therefore the purpose of the Synod is to support the mission and ministry of those churches.

By working together, it is possible for local churches to do more than they could by working on their own.

Our Main Areas of Collaborative Work


Sharing Resources

Sharing the resources of minister and other church leaders, between churches.


Sharing Good Practice

In areas such as children’s and youth work.


Financing Missions

Financing the mission initiatives of churches.


Providing Expertise

In managing and developing church buildings.


Developing Leaders

Discovering and developing new leaders.


Employing Specialist Staff

With expertise in areas such as children’s and youth work, evangelism and church growth, training and urban church ministry.

More about Thames North Synod

Synod Staff

The Synod Staff is made up of full time employees of the URC.


A comprehensive list of all Thames North Synod Committees.

What We Do

Synods undertake a wide range of functions to support local churches.

Other Synods

There are around 1500 local URC’s across England, Scotland and Wales.

Who We Are

The day-to-day work of the Synod is undertaken by the following team.

Current Vacancies

List of current paid staff vacancies in URC Thames North Synod.