Thames North Synod | Church Growth

Thames North Synod is committed to the growth of local churches – including in numerical terms. We are encouraging all of the churches in the Synod to focus on the growth of local congregations – with the expectation that God will work through us to reach out to people in local communities across the Thames North area who have not yet come to know God for themselves.

The Synod’s commitment to supporting the growth of local congregations – agreed at the November 2013 Synod meeting – includes the following:

  • Funds directed at projects that will enable churches to grow
  • Focusing Synod staff time on churches that are seeking to grow
  • Gathering stories of growth and sharing ideas between local churches

 Our Commitment to Growth

On Saturday 16 November 2013, the Synod agreed a new plan for church growth. Launching the initiative, Synod Moderator, the Revd Dr Andrew Prasad urged local church representatives to make church growth a core priority for prayer, as well as in their decisions and actions.

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