New Committees Structure

Committees Structure of URC Thames North Synod

Synod Executive

  • Trusteeship of the Thames North Synod
  • Responding to the needs of Local Area Groups
  • Encouraging growth and future mission
  • Developing of Synod budget and strategies.
  • Managing Synod office, Staffing and HR matters
  • Encouraging the performance of Synod committees

Discipleship Committee

  • Mission and growth objectives in the context of Vision 2020
  • Encouraging Local Area Groups to identify priorities for growth and service.
  • The CLR process
  • Championing work with children, young people and the 20-40 age group
  • Information, training and project support
  • Synod wide issues and opportunities
  • Ecumenical, inter-faith relationships

Resources Committee

  • Synod’s finance and property
  • URC’s Ministry and Mission fund
  • Reviewing applications for alterations to URC churches and manses
  • Making grants and loans to Local Area Groups
  • To alleviate the welfare needs of ministers and other eligible persons

Pastoral Committee

  • Reviewing, supporting and developing Synod deployment of lay and ordained leaders (stipendiary and non-stipendiary, SCMs and CRCWs)
  • Supporting Local Area Groups
  • Reviewing group statements of mission priorities (or Church Life Reviews)
  • Supporting candidates for ministry
  • Continuing education and mentoring of ordained ministers (EM2, EM3, MASA)
  • Concurrence with the calling of Ministers/ CRCWs
  • Ministerial Accompanied Self-Appraisal system
  • Pastoral care for churches or ministers in conflict or crisis
  • LEP constitutions, Local Area Group agreements, and sharing agreements

Listed Buildings Advisory Committee

  • Advise on the repair and works on Listed Buildings

Appointments Advisory Group

  • Recruiting for Synod vacancies in Synod committees
  • Making recommendations to Synod on appointments
Other Groups Not Part of Committee Structure

Urban URC Network Steering Group

Racial Justice Advocates

  • Revd Leonora Jagessar-Visser ‘t Hooft (Coordinator)
  • Revd Shabaz Javed (Coordinator)