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Creating Change in Communities

New year, new challenges; is God calling you to new ventures?

New year, new challenges; is God calling you to new ventures?

Perhaps you feel passionate about making a difference in your local area?

Perhaps you feel unsettled in a job or role you’ve been doing for a while and feel ready for a new challenge?

Perhaps you’ve been the main parent or carer at home, but your children are older and less dependent now, or your carers’ responsibilities are reduced, and you have more available time and energy for a new vocation?

Maybe you’ve been a family worker or a youth worker employed by a local agency or your church, and feel called to develop your skills further? Or perhaps it’s a short-term contract and you hope for a
role that’s longer-term? Perhaps you’ve felt a ‘niggle’ to get
involved with community ministry for quite a while now but have never quite got round to chatting with someone or praying about what the Holy Spirit might be prompting you to explore further.
Perhaps some of these stories about community involvement excite

If any of these examples above apply to you, or if you have any questions about how you might be able to get more involved with making a
positive difference in your neighbourhood, community or church, then
please do not hesitate to contact in the Church Related Community Work (CRCW) team for more information. All enquiries will be held confidentially.

Perhaps it’s time to step out, have a go, take a risk -and be surprised
where God may lead you, and how God will support you in the venture along the way……..

Additionally, the Enquirers Event on February 12th will provide the opportunity to discover about different ministries and to explore your discipleship and vocation further. For example, the URC has a recognised ministry of locally-called, locally deployed, non-stipendiary CRCW.

Please email: for more information about the event.

Creating Change in Communities & the Church

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